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Experience. Quality. Reliability!

Our quest for success began in 1978, with just one antiquated Bridgeport milling machine operating out of a residential basement in Easton, Pennsylvania. Today, a wide array of CNC & Conventional equipment fills our 33,000 square foot facility. Our laser, fabrication, and machining divisions all have one common daily goal ... consistent quality.

A dedicated team of qualified laser technicians, machinists, and certified fitter-welders assures superior workmanship and on-time delivery. When required, JIT (Just In Time) delivery is available to meet your specific requirements. We have built our success by building what you need and delivering it when you need it.

Our challenge is manufacturing components and assemblies to meet or exceed your requirements. Our objective is to provide competent, intelligent service that goes beyond your expectations.

Our customers are secure in the knowledge that we are large enough to handle major contracts in a cost-efficient, timely manner. Yet, we remain small enough to provide creative, personalized attention to every client.

We measure our success by the appreciation of the customers who keep us busy year after year. This is our true achievment: to enjoy being of value to those who require our services.


"We view quality not as a means to please our clients, nor as a weapon to conquer our competition. But rather, as a way of life.
It is discipline that flows in our blood, and enables superior performance. A faith that guides our every endeavor.
Most importantly though, it is our loyal ambassador which delivers a powerful message to our customers.
Come see our way of life and let us show you what we mean when we talk about quality."
Atul A. Kharecha