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We offer laser cutting as a metal processing solution for a virtually burr-free edge and repetitive consistency each and every time. Additional advantages

We can setup the sheet metal / plate part in-house using our cad programs or work off of our customer supplied cad files. We use a combination of industry standard 2D and 3D software and can import a multitude of file formats.


3500 watt C02 Laser: Capacity: : 3/4" x 78" x 158" - cut Carbon /Stainless/ Aluminum


  • Close tolerance (+-.002 Inch)
  • No tooling erosion/replacement
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Clean processing
  • Prototype cost reduction
  • Decrease secondary finishing
  • Material versatility
  • Welds with minimal distortion
  • Flame/fire polished edge cutting
  • Flexibility-fast design achieved with computer controls
  • Minimal distortion in heat affected zones
  • Non-contact processing eliminates unwanted stress on material